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(Closed) Player Complaint: €1810 confiscated by 5PlusBet

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A player has reported that 5plusbet has confiscated his balance of €1810 alleged that the player has violated the 5plusbet terms and conditions using arbitrage bets. However according to the player isn’t true.

5plusbet returned €700 initial deposit but winnings for €1810 was confiscated and the account closed. Today the player provided full information about his account and BettingFinder Team will contact 5plusbet to hear their version.

The player said
They returned my deposit of 700€ but I still have 1810€ in winnings with them. I am also sending you the screenshots of my betting history where you can clearly see I did not do any arbitrage bets with them, and of course, I did not even use any bonuses or promotions.

Little Research 5plusbet

5plusbet is a Russian-based sportsbook and according to players reviews, these online sports betting site has a shady history related to withdrawals. 5plusbet is rated as C- that’s means that isn’t a sportsbook approved by our experts.

Update 10/15/2018

We have contacted 5plusBet, asking for more information about this issue, the Russian based sportsbook has said.

This client ID XXXXX was registered on the 5plusbet website, made a deposit of EUR 700, and EUR 700 was paid to his account. We have decided to complete the cooperation with the client (blocking the account) according to the General Terms and Conditions (General Terms and Conditions):

due to the fact that the client has committed fraudulent actions with respect to the betting company (using a betting strategy that is not allowed on the 5plusbet website). In case of violation of this rule, the company has the right to cancel all bets made by such a client.

This decision was made after a comprehensive investigation of the situation by the risk management department.

We have requested more information from the bookmaker to validate the information.

The sportsbook did not provide enough evidence against the player. The Sportsbook will be listed as one of the non-recommended books. Case closed.
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