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Offshore Wagering

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Telephone-based sportsbooks and internet sportsbooks are virtually the same except for the method of communication. The biggest difference is that once you hit the “enter” button offshore wagering on your computer, you have a wager that typically can not be canceled. The more imaginative internet sportsbooks that offer offshore wagering have quite a variety of sports wagers allowed that even surpasses Las Vegas sportsbooks.

There are plenty of legitimate sportsbooks that offer offshore wagering, and there’s no need to lose money offshore wagering with a fraud. Here are some suggestions of what to look for when offshore wagering.
Look for sportsbooks that have been around for at least a year. The large majority of fraudulent sites and underfunded sites that have offshore wagering will go out of business within one year.

Make sure the offshore wagering sportsbook has several ways to be contacted. Any site you’re considering offshore wagering with should offer phone numbers to contact a representative from their organization if the need arises. offshore wagering with a site that does not offer access to a customer service department substantially increases your risk to fraud. Most reputable sites are very concerned with the player and public perception and will go out of their way to accommodate the player. Needless to say, the inability to speak with a live person is very unaccommodating.

Make sure your sportsbook is licensed in its country. This may seem basic, however, there are sites out there that claim to be licensed in countries that do not even provide licensing! Your next question probably is “How do I know if the country offers licensing or not?”. For starters here is a list of countries that currently offer to license for online gaming sites: Antigua, Costa Rica, St. Kitts, Curacao, Australia, and the UK. We suggest you play with a company located in one of these areas

Sportsbooks must contain adequate online information about their policies and procedures. Once again, most reputable sites want you to feel as comfortable with the process as possible. More information helps to ensure understanding and results in fewer problems. It’s also good to have online credit card processing, toll-free customer service departments, and various deposit options.

Above all, make sure there’s an easy and quick way to collect the spoils of offshore wagering, Bitcoin is one of the most easy ways to collect your payout. All payments must be received within one week of request. (Extenuating circumstances do occur from time to time, such as hurricanes in the Caribbean, and are taken into account) online sportsbooks offshore wagering.

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Offshore Wagering

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