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The 5 Golden Rules of Sports Betting

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Today we bring 5 golden betting rules, it’s important to understand that sports betting should always have a strategy and a minimum knowledge if you want to be a profitable bettor.

Golden Rule #1

  • Don’t bet with your heart, bet with your brain.

Simply put, this golden rule means not to let emotions come into play when making your bets. You should always make objective decisions when determining which games to wager on. You have a biased view of your favorite teams.

This means two things: 1) You think that they are better than they truly are and 2) You want to be able to root for them when watching their game.

Golden Rule #2

  • Don’t bet just to bet.

This often can be the biggest reason why sports bettors lose all their money. Too often, the mentality of a sports bettor is that he cannot get excited for a game unless he’s got some money bet on it.

Golden Rule #3

  • Don’t be a fair-weather bettor. Always bet on consistency.

Don’t let one bad week in a team’s performance or one excellent week cloud a team’s true ability. Every team has good and bad days just as individuals do.

If a proven consistent winner looks bad in one game, you may find a great betting opportunity the following game as public perception sours on that team.

This golden rule should especially be paid attention to during football season. With each team playing just one game each week, there is way too much time spent overanalyzing the previous week’s performance.

Golden Rule #4

  • Don’t bet money you cannot afford to lose.

As a sports bettor, you must remember to always keep your priorities in order. Sports betting can be a fun, exciting, and profitable venture but it can also be an expensive one.

Unexpected losses should never cause you to suffer personally. Always know before you make a wager that you will be financially and emotionally capable of dealing with a loss.

This golden rule sounds stupid but doesn’t bet money needed for rent, bills, debts, personal enjoyment, etc. Also, if you find yourself suffering from too much anxiety or being so stressed out you don’t even enjoy the games, then you are not emotionally capable of handling a loss. In both of these cases either cut back on the amount you are wagering or do not wager at all.

Golden Rule #5

  • Keep an even keel at all times.

Do not get too high when you are on a hot streak or too low when on a cold streak. Remember, there will always be ups and downs.
A successful bettor must keep his head on straight at all times. You see compulsive gamblers destroy themselves by not keeping things in perspective.


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The 5 Golden Rules of Sports Betting
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