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Betting Odds Explained

If you’re new in the betting industry a very important step is, learn about betting odds. Numbers can look intimidating, but understand them is simple and very important to get smart odds shopping. Some of the most used odds are NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAAF, and NCAAB.

Odds will let us compare the best lines between different sportsbook, in that way you can place wagers on the best sports lines by increasing your revenue.

Money Line

Well-known as the simplest type of bet, the Money let players wager on the favorite team with a simple method. The bettor just needs to choose the favorite or underdog. For example, let’s suppose that you want to bet on the NFL Patriots against Eagles game the favorite team here will be Patriots and you’ll recognize it because of the minus symbol (-) the line can change depends on the bookie but you’ll normally see something like -110. It means that you’ll need to place a wager of $110 to win $100. On the other hand, recognize the underdog is simple as check the plus symbol (+) it means that you have to bet $100 to win $110 because of Eagles are not the favorite team to with the match.

Point Spread

Money Line is simple to understand and it’s the line that most of the new players take, however it’s also the most expensive way to wager. Here’s where Point Spread or simply “Spread” jump to the field.

The point spread help underdogs teams to have an advance against the favorite, it’s notorious on NCAAB & NCAAF games where teams have a huge discrepancy in talent.

Point Spread as same as Money Line will give you a favorite and underdog team, with (-) favorite & (+) for the underdog. Let’s see the NCAAF match between Arizona against Hawaii. In this case, Arizona is the favorite the betting line is -11.5 (-110) while underdog betting line is +11.5 (+110). To bet the winner (Arizona) you will have to place $110 to win $100 and Arizona will start the game -11.5 points, so if the game ended Arizona 20 – Hawaii 19 you have lost the game because on betting side is like 20 vs 19 + 11.5 = 30.5

Under / Over

The third betting choice is, betting on the total points of the match. For example, if you want to wager Patriots at Eagles and you believe that the total points of both teams will be more than 70 it’s an OVER wager, on another hand if you believe that the game total points will 69 your bet will be UNDER.

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