Before we get into the different strategies you can use to approach sports betting and the different rules you must follow, there is one common myth about NBA odds that we must dispel.

1) The NBA odds are how much the sportsbook feels one team will beat the other by.

When someone comments that the NBA oddsmakers goofed the line on that game, it is the case of somebody not understanding what the purpose of an NBA betting line, NBA odds, is. You see, the ultimate goal of any NBA oddsmaker and sportsbook is to have the same amount of money bet on each side of a game. The sportsbook wants the bets to be equal on both sides of the line because it wants to collect the 10% juice from the losers and pay off the winners with the loser money. This gives the bookie a steady income so that his cash flow isn’t dependent upon the outcome of the game. Therefore, when the NBA oddsmaker is setting the line, he is trying to pinpoint the exact line that will bring in equal amounts on both sides.

A bettor should look for situations where public opinion has skewed the NBA odds for reasons that aren’t a determining factor in the outcome of the game. The bettor must be able to recognize when the NBA odds are adjusted for public opinion. Also, the bettor has to capitalize on the opportunity that these NBA odds present.

This is the most important concept you must take from reading the information on this web site:

As a handicapper, you should always be looking for a correlating cause and effect that is not considered by the NBA oddsmakers and the majority of bettors. When you find this you have a tremendous edge in beating the NBA odds!

The betting line is the points or odds set by the NBA oddsmaker, which determine the conditions under which a bet is placed. In sports betting, there are two types of lines, the point spread, and the money line.

The point spread is used for football and basketball and is what most people are familiar with as the “line” or the “spread.” The point spread awards extra points to the underdog and takes away points from the favorite. Let’s take a look at a typical point spread from a daily newspaper:

DALLAS -4 Houston

There are three key components of this listing: 1) Dallas is the home team. The home team is always listed in capital letters. 2) Dallas is the favorite. The favorite is always listed on the left side. 3) The point spread is 4, meaning Dallas is favored to win the game by 4 points.

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