Sports Betting Terms Explained A - Z |

Betting Terms Explained

Money Line

  • It’s the simplest type of bet also the most expensive. It is done based on the line provided by the Sportsbook, for example: In an NFL Packers vs Patriots match, the favorite team has a negative number (-150) while the underdog one positive (+110). It only bets on the final result of the matchup.
  • Packers: -150 means you should bet $ 150 to win $ 100.
    Patriots: +110 means you must bet $ 110 to win $ 100.

Point Spread

  • It is the advantage of points that the Sportsbook gives to the underdog team, it does not depend on the final match result.
  • For example: Steelers -3 vs Colts +4 if you are going to bet on the favorite (Steelers) the match will start with -3 points against the Steelers, this means that the match must end at least 14 – 10 to win The bet.
  • If the game ends Steelers 11 vs Colts 10 you will have lost the bet since it does not cover the Spread.
  • The Point Spread is simply a point advantage given by the Sportsbook to the underdog team.


  • Betting ‘Over’ is betting on more than a set number of goals, and betting ‘Under’ is betting on less than a set number of goals.

Across the board

  • Method of betting on a classic career. It is charged if the horse ends in the first, second or third place.


  • Person who bets an amount of money, and accepts the fee offered by a bookmaker for reaching the final score of a sporting event.


  • Game in which a person risks money for the final result of a sporting event.
  • Canceled: Bet that is returned to the bettor account for various reasons, such as a football match is canceled due to bad weather.

System bet

  • For example, a system bet estimated at 3/5. In this system, five forecasts are chosen. To obtain benefits, at least three forecasts must be correct.


  • Bet on a long-term sports event. For example, who will win the Super Bowl?

Live Betting:

  • et on a sports event in real time. The odds differ greatly and depend on the course of the sporting event.

Combination or Parlay

  • Bet that is not related to the outcome of the sporting event. For example, who would be the next coach of Real Madrid?

Simple bet

  • Bet with a single prediction about a sporting event.

Combined bet

  • Betting for several sporting events. You have to hit all the predictions to win the bet. The benefits depend on the combination of the various fees.


  • A bet whose probability of winning is considered very high. In system bets, you can choose a banker, it is a sure result that is played in all combinations and must be good to win.


  • It is a prize given by the bookmaker to his clients. There is a particular incentive for new clients, for which you open an account, or also for existing clients.

Online Bookmaker

  • A bookmaker is a company that offers sports betting.

Amount wagered

  • It is the sum of money that is placed in a bet. If it is a winner, the amount multiplied by the quota is returned; If the result is not reached, the risky risk is lost.


  • It is the company that offers odds for different sporting events and manages the accounts of its betting clients.


  • A favorite.

Chalk player

  • A person who normally plays favorite teams.

Amount to be returned

  • Your benefit, including risky money.


  • Once you have registered, receive the login data (username, password …), which will allow you to place your bets and have your account, as well as make deposits and withdrawals.


  • The fee is a plotter of the potential winnings to a bet. There are several types of fees.

American Odds

  • It is a quota that can be expressed as a positive or negative number (ex: -110 or 110).

Dead Heat

  • When two or same horses or dogs finish the race without a clear winner.


  • The money that the bettor deposited in his account in the Sportsbook.

Double chance

  • A bet with two forecasts for the same sporting event. Example: In a football match, bet on victory and draw at the same time.

Double result (Halftime / Fulltime)

  • Bet on the result of a match at the end of the first part and at the end of the game.


  • Bet on the final result of the match.


  • The money you earn if your bet has an impact.

H2H (head to head)

  • Win the bet if the best athlete wins between two participants. These bets exist in sports disciplines such as Formula One or Alpine skiing.


  • The bet includes an advantage of one goal or more for the inferior team a priori and allows assimilate the odds.

Asian Handicap

  • The Asian handicap is similar to the handicap, but has specific rules. For example, you can not bet on a draw.


  • Make bets to both teams in a match to prevent losses or guarantee a minimum money benefit.


  • It’s the commission for the bookmaker.

Reduced Juice

  • Are the lines (Odds) with a reduced number for example: If you are going to bet the Money Line with reduced juice this will look similar to -105 you can say that reduced juice is all lower than -110.


  • Sale of a bet in a betting exchange house.

Off the board

  • A game in which the bookmaker does not accept more bets. The event has already begun.

First time

  • Bet on the result of the game at the end of the first part.


  • Percentage that represents the chances of a team’s victory in an event.

Exact result

  • Bet on the exact result of a match.


  • Earn a lot of money.


  • The money that is bet.

Sucker bet

  • The risk of winning a ‘sucker bet’ is very large, the odds are very high.

Theoretical Hold Percentage

  • The risk that the bookmaker can run if the prices guarantee a constant commission regardless of the results.


  • A team that has little chance of winning a game. Your quote is very high.


  • When the prices in a proposition are in favor of the betting house.

Value bet

  • The same as ‘Underlay’.

Wager limit

  • Maximum bet accepted by the bookmaker before the price changes.


  • A bettor who knows a lot about football and other sports disciplines.