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Betting Guide 1: How To Bet On NFL

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NFL is becoming more and more popular, and with more regular season games scheduled on English soil in the coming years, NFL betting is expected to gain momentum.

Even though the NFL only makes its appearance on this side of the Atlantic once a year, football fans can still watch the NFL all year round, and with their increasing numbers, the timing is great for learning. to bet on the NFL.

How To Bet On NFL

Here are three basic bets on the NFL. Most bookmakers, including Pinnacle, offer a two-way market on the result of the match – the equivalent of 1N2 in football but without the draw in the United States: Money Line, Spread and total points.

The bet on the winner 1N2 is popular because it is direct. You simply bet on the victory of one of the two teams.

The only thing to check in this strategy is the rare case of the draw. For example on Pinnacle, victorious, two-way bets are refunded when there is a tie during regulation time. Even in the case of extra time, bets generally apply to regular time, unless otherwise stated.

NFL Odds Example provided by Intertops

The spread or handicap is the most common way to bet on the NFL in the United States, and it is the standard point of reference when it comes to the relative odds of a match. As in all sports, NFL teams have different levels. To rebalance the odds effectively, bookmakers offer a handicap.

Let’s use a fictional example to explain how disability works. Odds are associated with both teams with a score of positive or negative points. For example, the Indianapolis Colts are offered at -3 against the New York Giants +6.

A bet on Indianapolis is a winner if the Colts win by six or more points, and in the same way, a Chicago bet is a winner if the Giants win the match or lose it by less than six points.

Imagine that the result is 29-17 for the Colts, the players who bet on the Colts’ win -6 won because the difference is 12 points. That is six points more than the points handicap offered.

The total points bet in the NFL focuses on the number of points combined that will be scored by both teams during the match. Bookmakers generally offer the option to bet that the total number of points will be above or below a limit. This is why we usually talk about Over / Under.

For handicap bets and total point bets, when a team exceeds the required number of points for a winning bet, it is called “cover the spread”.

Development Strategies

Now that the basics of NFL betting are acquired, you may want to explore more advanced strategies. For example, players who wish to bet on the NFL must take into account certain factors, beyond the chances of a team X to win on a team Y, as the number of points of difference between X and Y.

NFL professional punters spend time developing powerful ranking systems to gauge the relative strengths of teams and calculate who will have the advantage in any match. These calculations are then measured against the handicaps and odds proposed by the bookmakers, in search of differences that would be synonymous with value.

However, for new bettors on the NFL, handicap systems already available can offer accurate results in the short term.

Differential yards

In the NFL, the battle between offensive and defensive units is raging. Thus, a simple way to gauge the strength of an NFL team is to consider the average of offensive yards gained per share and the average of defensive yards conceded per share.

Naturally, teams that earn more yards than they concede tend to win. Although not entirely accurate, this measure gives a good idea of ​​future performance. (Learn more about the yards ranking by action here)

Advantage of home play

The NFL uses a unique “closed” league system where relegation and promotion do not exist. From a statistical point of view, data from successive seasons for factors such as the advantage of home play are solid.

To find the home advantage for each NFL team, you must subtract the total number of points scored by the visiting teams from the number of points played by the home teams, and divide by the total number of games played. .

You will notice that over the last 20 years, the home-game advantage is within a 3-point gap, which has become a standard value for handicaps.

Key figures of the NFL

In NFL handicap betting, you need to know some numbers. These figures are the most used margins compared to the final score of the NFL.

By understanding what these key figures are, you can avoid wagering on a bad handicap and you can even guess which team the bookmaker wants you to bet on.

For example, 3 is the most common margin of victory in the NFL because most matches are decided on a “field goal”, while 7 is the second most common winning margin because it is the number of points not won. a team for a touchdown and an extra point for a successful conversion.

You are now ready to bet on the NFL handicap, and compare your numbers with the handicap available on Pinnacle. Remember that Pinnacle offers the best online odds for the NFL, with only 2% margin on all NFL disabilities.

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