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In the sports betting industry, online sportsbooks use various systems to define betting odds worldwide. In the old continent (Europe), one of the decimal odds is usually used, although in other countries other methods are used. In North America, we usually use the Moneyline or “money line” method.

In this system, there is a relationship between Stake and the benefit that is obtained, not with the prize. The most probable (favorite) result with the least probable (underdog) result with signs of precedence to the value is identified. Moneyline bets help identify what you bet with what you win, although it complicates the calculation of probabilities. It’s important to highlight that Moneyline is one of the most expensive wagers.

The Moneyline deals with setting the standard odd type in the United States Moneyline is used for professional leagues, including the NFL. NBA, MLB or NHL.

If you live in Europe or any other city outside of US, you may think that these sports and their leagues are far away, but the US market offers a lot of liquidity and this is always important for serious bettors. If you want to play high amounts, the markets where you can bet are the ones that have a large volume of movement, in the case of the MLB Baseball or the most important in the United States, the NFL. In the case of the NFL, you should know that SuperBowl is the game that generates the most money in the betting world.

The normal thing is that these matches are fairly even, having to define handicaps to approach the probabilities of the results that can be given. The consequence of all this is that the right prizes are not too high, so it is popular among handicappers to make strategies with combined, called parlay so that the prizes increase if it is successful.

In the case of the odds in Moneyline bets, it is about giving a figure that refers to a profit of $ 100 if you bet on the favorite or a stake of $ 100 if we do it to the team that is less likely to win, to The latter is called “underdog.” The difference between the two causes the figures to have a + or – sign as we bet on one or the other. Imagine we bet on MLS and a bookmaker shows us this:

  • Moneyline Example:
    • Portland Timbers -120
    • Seattle Sounders +110

The negative symbol only has the meaning that it is favorite and that we must bet 120 dollars if we want to have a benefit of 100 dollars if we succeed.

The symbols are what mark if the team is favorite or is an underdog. If we bet on the Sounders, the positive sign will mean that the Seattle team perceives the public as an underdog, so our profit will be $ 110 if we win a bet in which we had to spend $ 100.

These data do not mean that we should play 100 dollars every time we bet, you can invest the money we want and what we win will be proportional to that amount. For many players, this way of referring directly to the stake and the benefit is much more intuitive when it comes to understanding the market. The good thing is that we are referring to how much money we are going to earn or lose without the need to perform any mathematical calculation to know the benefit we will obtain.

The betting money line, although not the only option in sports betting, is the easiest to understand for new players. We must be careful, since sometimes the bookmakers usually change these betting odds, and it may be the case that a part of the public believes that other teams are the favorites according to the last game they have played.

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