Is It Legal Sports Betting in the United States? |

Is It Legal Sports Betting in the United States?

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Is It Legal sports betting in the United States? How Can Deposit and Cashout My Bets?

If you live in the United States of America and you like to bet, you have come to the right place. We are a reference page for sports bettors. The US market is one of the largest in this language without any doubt. That is why we have created this guide for bets in the United States, which will surely be very useful for you.

But first, we want to show you which are the best betting houses to bet in the United States.

Where to bet in the United States? Top 5 Sportsbook

As we pointed out throughout this guide, it is currently illegal to bet online in the United States unless it is done from New Jersey. However, it is a market that is about to open, so that soon there is news.

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Betting in the United States

Today bets have origin in the United Kingdom. Everyone knows that, in the US culture, both games of chance and sports betting have always been very popular and for that reason, it is expected that all Anglo-Saxon countries have advanced laws on this subject.

Yes, it is true that in certain sectors, such as in the movies, there is a distorted image of what the game is in the United States, since it focuses on a state like Nevada, and more specifically in Las Vegas.

Nevada was until recently the only state where sports betting was allowed thanks to a federal law that prohibited them in the rest of the country.

However, this law has been annulled and the different states can already legislate on this business that does not stop expanding all over the world.

Bet USA Offshore Sportsbook Rating A+

As we mentioned there are some offshore sportsbooks that take US players bets, those bookies are known as offshore betting sites, since those are not under US legalization players must have careful because there is not any place to a complaint if an offshore decide to scam a player.

Betting odds on offshore sportsbooks are much better than sportsbooks like William Hill or Bet365. No, all offshore bookies are bad or scams, there a few with a good reputation and quick payout.

You can also take a look at our best online sportsbook page.

Seven states already allow sports betting

After this, six more states, besides Nevada, already allow sports betting:

  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • W.V.
  • Mississippi
  • Pennsylvania
  • Connecticut

In addition, other 12 states are in process, so soon the fever for sports betting will spread throughout the country.

Why? Because once the ban is open, no state will want to be at a disadvantage with respect to its neighbors and will want to take advantage of the new business that is coming.

Online bets in the United States

However, it is true that in online betting the process can be more complicated. Obviously, it is not the same to legislate for online and physical sportsbook.

These currently have no carte blanche in the United States and is what they request to be able to offer a really interesting service for players. Therefore, until there is a federal regulation on these it will be difficult for international bookies to offer their services in the United States.

In fact, currently, you can only make online sports bets in the state of New Jersey.

How do we know if a betting site in the United States is legal?

At the moment it is easy to know. There are no licenses for online sportsbooks, so the vast majority of bookies do not accept players from the United States bu offshore sportsbooks.

Is there any way to bet online legally in the United States?

The best way to be able to bet online in the United States is through offshore sportsbooks that accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered a legal tender, so you can bet legally in the United States as long as you only bet with this type of coins.

Until they are regulated well, online sports betting with legal tender coins is not recommended, as players can get into legal problems.

How to deposit in bookmakers in the United States?

As we have already mentioned, at present, you can not legally bet in the United States with coins of legal tender.

For this reason, if you want to bet you have to do with Bitcoin or with another type of cryptocurrency since it is not possible to register in any bookie where you bet with American Dollars.

And it is quite curious, because in other countries the majority is bet with Dollars, except for the country that makes them.

What cryptocurrencies or virtual coins do we recommend to bet in the US?

From, as we have previously dropped, we recommend betting on Bitcoin, since it is the most popular cryptocurrency and, at the moment, the safest when buying and selling.

But in addition, it is also quite safe to bet with Ethereum, a very reliable virtual currency thanks to the fact that its Turing programming language and blockchain development allow exchanging information in a synchronized manner without those who share this information necessarily knowing each other. That is, it is totally anonymous.

Important betting information

Beyond betting with cryptocurrencies if you reside in the United States, we will give some tips that can also be general, that is, for all the bettors of the planet, so that anyone can get the maximum benefits at the time of betting.

Take advantage of the welcome bonuses

This may sound quite obvious, but it is very important especially for users who start betting. It is the perfect way to learn because, with little money, you can make many bets taking advantage of the fact that most people double what is deposited for the first time.

It is a way to try, to see where money can be sacked, where it is difficult … It is never the same to think about bets that make them, therefore, it is recommended to take advantage of these bonuses so that the tests are economical.

Have a lot of information

The real secret when gambling is having a lot of information. That is, try to get more information than the betting houses themselves. Therefore, the best bettors are those that focus on a single sport and even a single competition.

And living in the country of statistics is easier. It is a country where major sports, football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey are very numbers based.

That allows a student of any competition to take advantage as long as it focuses solely on it. The bookmakers must attend all the sports in the world and, precisely for that reason, some fees are not perfectly calculated.

So, for example, if an NBA bench player has more or less stable statistics, and the bookmaker is not very aware, you can take advantage of that information and bet when the fee is favorable.

Make simple bets

Yes, it is very good to multiply the profits combined. In fact, bookmakers often complain about the ease with which they earn more money by betting on several events at once.

However, when making combined bets, not only the quota is multiplied, but also the risk. And the vast majority of the time, the risk is greater than the multiplication of the quota.

We always recommend making simple bets, where we have well-controlled information and where a single failure does not take the bet ahead. In fact, it is always better to make separate bets, although obviously, the profit is always lower.

Set a money limit

This is essential so that bets never go from being entertainment to an obsession that can become a problem. Therefore, from we strongly recommend putting a limit of money in a period of time.

Naturally, this advice is mainly directed to the new ones, to those who start. You have to remember that bets are a form of leisure, and they are worth money. That is, they do not have to always give benefits. You have to have fun knowing that money can be lost.

Therefore, it is always good to put a limit and not overcome it. Once you have lost the best thing is to retire until it is another new day, week or month, what you have thought before you start.

Never try to recover losses

And this brings us to the next point, to never try to recover losses. The bets must always be made with a head because when trying to recover losses the head is usually not at its best because the frustration of losing makes bad decisions.

Always play with money meant for leisure

For all that we have said, it is necessary that the money destined for bets is money that will be spent in leisure. Never have to spend other budget items for bets. This is also essential if you do not want to have problems.

Bets are never to get out of a bad situation because they are not the solution to anything. They are an element of fun that should always serve to have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions about Betting in the United States

Is it legal to place online bets in the United States?
No, with the current legislation it is not legal to place sports bets online in the United States with legal tender coins unless it is done from New Jersey
How can you bet in the United States?
Seven states have already regulated face-to-face sports betting. For this reason, to bet, you have to do it in live betting rooms, and these are only found in Nevada, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. you can also bet on offshore sportsbook visit our best US betting site here.
Is there any way to bet online in the United States?
Yes, you can place bets on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, since not be considered a legal tender, they do not fall within the prohibition of online bets. For this, it is necessary to register in bookmakers that accept this type of coins
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