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2,265.56 EUR confiscated from Noxwin: Player report

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On March 21st an SBR forum user reported that Noxwin has delayed the withdrawals for no reason. According to the forum thread the player “Camma23” asked for a withdrawal of 2,265.56 EUR, however, the sportsbook customer service request him to split the amount, but even after that the payment never arrived.

The player published on SBR Forum

Few days ago they disabled their sport section so for me this bookmaker became useless. I’ve 2,265.56 EUR on my account and after I asked a withdrawal for the whole amount, they suggested me via live chat to split it into more parts and ask smaller amounts. I did like this and I asked for 1/3 of it, around 755 euros. Nothing changed because my withdrawal is still pending since a week (even if Skrill is an instant payment method). Moreover they suggested me to write to their financial department via mail, but i got no answer from them. Also they are not answering anymore to live chat as you find a long queue at any time that never ends also if you wait the (fake) eta. This behavior is very suspicious and weird. It’s first time I withdraw from them, and for sure last time I’ll play with them, if things are like this.

Update on April 11, 2018

According to the player update, no payment has arrived; Noxwin just sent him an email saying “Your withdrawal is still pending” but no more explanation about why the payment was delayed.

Update from the player

After 20 days from my withdrawal request, yesterday they sent me this via email but no money……I’m so frustrated. Don’t know what to do.

Beware of Noxwin sportbook

Noxwin Sportsbook has been rated as class C- that means that Noxwin isn’t a trusted sportsbook and we don’t recommend to place bets on that book.  If you take a quick look around you’ll find hundreds of issues with this sportsbook.

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Source – SBR Forum

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