Antonio Brown threatens to retire from the NFL if he can't wear his favorite helmet |

Antonio Brown threatens to retire from the NFL if he can’t wear his favorite helmet

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It seems that the Raiders are already regretting having acquired the All-Pro receiver, Antonio Brown, before the start of the 2019 NFL Free Agency via exchange with the Steelers. The most recent news is that the receiver is threatening to retire as he will not be able to use the helmet model he likes based on the new NFL safety rules.

In several reports, including Adam Schefter of ESPN and Mike Silver of NFL Network, it is described that the player has decided to leave the Raiders Training Camp while solving this problem (and the injury he has on his foot from burns in a cryotherapy chamber ).

Several players, including stars like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, who wore helmets that are not approved by the NFL for this campaign, had to make the necessary adjustment. According to Schefter, Brown had an audience of more than two hours with the corresponding area in the NFL to convince them to play with the helmet model he has used during his nine-year career as a professional.

“Antonio Brown believes that the new helmet that is approved under the regulation interferes with his vision while trying to catch the ball. The Raiders have sent other helmets for you to try, but at this time you are not interested in doing so, ”describes Adam Schefter in another tweet.

The helmet is the main news, but the Raiders have had to deal with various situations around Antonio Brown: his indifference and lack of attention at the offensive meetings, the lack of care that resulted in the cryotherapy chamber incident and his disappearance for a few days from Training Camp.

What looked like a steal from the Raiders to the Steelers a couple of months ago now seems to make much more sense in Pittsburgh. Oakland made Antonio Brown the highest-paid NFL receiver at the time of the change, on March 10, 2019, with more than 50 million in total and 30 guaranteed until 2022. And there is a possibility that they will not see that investment in the field of the game.

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