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Pete Alonso Wins Home Run Derby 2019

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Pete Alonso, New York Met’s rookie, has demonstrated that nobody hits better than him, not even Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays and also made an impressive performance on Monday night.

One of the most exciting Home Run Derby

There is no doubt that the night at the Progressive Field of Cleveland was extremely exciting since one of the most fought Derby on history was held.

Alonso beat the local favorite Carlos Santana during the first round, then, during the semifinals, he won the professional baseball outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr of the Atlanta Braves.

On the other hand, Guerrero beat Matt Chapman in just one round, and during semifinals, the player reached 91 home runs, as well as did Joc Pederson, professional outfielder of Los Angeles Dodgers.

After three tiebreakers, Guerrero has finally won but his fatigue was already showing up, which for sure, Alonso took advance of to defeat his opponent.

The final of the Home Run Derby was very emotive; Alonso needed 23 home runs to win the crown, which he finally found with a left and central field hit, before throwing the bat and hugging Derek Morgan, the pitcher chosen for the contest, who is also his cousin.

The third rookie to win the Home Run Derby

With 24 years old, Pete Alonso has become the third rookie to win the Home Run Derby, after Aaron Judge back in 2017 and Wally Joyner, who shared the title with Darryl Strawberry in 1986.

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“Everybody put on a show. To me it didn’t really seem like the jitters were there, because everyone was awesome. I mean everyone was showing their stuff.” Alonso said after winning; “This was surreal.”

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