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Will it be worth taking Elliott and Gordon in the first round of Fantasy?

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In the 2018 Fantasy Football Season, Ezekiel Elliott (252.2) and Melvin Gordon (225.5) finished fifth and sixth respectively in total points, that is, both RB must be selected in the first round. However, so far they are absent from the training of their teams in search of a new contract. Is it worth the risk and will it be worth taking Elliott and Gordon in the first round of Fantasy? Will the story of Le’Veon Bell and the Steelers be repeated?

Elliott yes

“Zeke” is the pillar of the Cowboys offense. In each of its three seasons, it has exceeded 1,200 total yards from the scrimmage line and accumulates 34 TD in total. Its production is unquestionable: 16.8 points per game at FF in 2018. The weight that is taken from Dak Prescott helps the QB to continue maintaining the offensive while securing opportunities for Elliott to accumulate points, a “virtuous circle”. As if that were not enough, Elliot is effective by air.

Although Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys, said that “you don’t need to have the leader in yards on the ground to win championships,” he also stated that “I have always closed contractual agreements.” Also, Elliott would have already received offers. Even in 2017, the season in which 6 games were suspended and had more than 1,200 yds total, it was worth taking it in the first round for its long-term production. In conclusion, Dallas knows that he has to give him the contract he wants, because they need it, and because he has earned it in the field. He no longer wants to be under his rookie contract and has justified it. Zeke is not just a first-round player, he is a Top 3 of Fantasy Football.

Gordon no!

Initially, Melvin Gordon’s dispute with the Chargers is more complex. Los Angeles put an offer of 10 million dollars annually to the RB, which rejected without hesitation because it seeks to be the best paid, with at least 15 million to exceed the salary of Todd Gurley. The current market is like that and Gordon is a key piece in the team’s offensive, but internally it seems that they are already getting used to living without him. Tom Telesco, general manager of the franchise, said: “We are better with Gordon, but we have enough weapons in the position.” On the other hand, QB Philip Rivers commented that “the position of RB is one in which we have a lot of depth.” With the Chargers’ unwillingness to give Gordon so much money, as well as the player’s firmness to remain absent, there have been reports indicating that he has requested to be changed.

As for production in the field, Gordon has earned the extension. In his career, he accumulates 3,628 yds and 38 TD totals. There is no doubt that it is a first-round selection, but also due to injuries, he is not a Top 5 Fantasy player. We can anticipate that his dispute with the Chargers will be like that of Le’Veon Bell with the Steelers in 2018: people did not believe that Bell could be absent even a regular-season game in search of a new contract … and ended up missing all the Bell. Gordon goes along that same line.

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