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What’s the best online sportsbook for beginners?

What's the best online sportsbook for beginners?
What's the best online sportsbook for beginners?

What’s the best online sportsbook for beginners? – Intertops is one of the best

Today there are many online sports betting sites, as a new gambler, you’re probably reading this article trying to find reviews and feedbacks about the best online sportsbooks for beginners. Let me tell you that, there isn’t a unique answer and it will depend on your bankroll and your gambler profile.

Before I get involved in sports betting, I dived into blogs, forums and YouTube videos trying to find the best online sportsbook for me. I quickly understood that it depends on 3 things.

  1. Country restriction
  2. Gambling Platform
  3. Deposits/Payouts.

In my case, I chose to place bets on Intertops Sportsbook because it has more than 20 years online and it’s very important because of the online reputation; on other hands the deposits and payouts are easy and fast.

I have to say that Intertops have one of the fastest KYC (Know Your Customer) allowing place bets in 2 days. It’s very sad opened an account and wait 2 weeks to have your account verification. Intertops make it easy and quickly.

However, I have to say that, print a contract, scanned it and send it is boring even more if you don’t have a scanner at home. However, most of the online sportsbooks have this rule.

Moving forward to Intertops betting software, I have to say that it’s one of the most detailed and easy-to-use betting software. It’s important because makes things easier even more if you’re a noob.

On the right sidebar, Intertops provide a full sports betting list. Also, you can use the betting finder bar allowing find a game quickly. You can place small bets as one dollar which is good for new gamblers.

Intertops has a large deposits methods, for example, I daily deal with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Intertops allows make deposits through this digital asset making my deposit experience better. If you hate Bitcoin there’re more deposits options such as Neteller, Bank wire transfer, Cards, and P2P.

Regarding payouts, if you’re located at USA Bitcoin is the best way to cash out, and then you can exchange it with a local dealer like We created a LocalBitcoins guide here.

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