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Blackhawks vs. Golden Knights Betting Prediction 10/22/2019

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The Golden Knights were run over last night by the Philadelphia Flyers (6-2) and today, 24 hours later, they visit Chicago to face the Blackhawks, a modest team like Chicago and whose main weapon will be precisely the tiredness of the capital of the game, the Las Vegas, in the second year of the history of their franchise, have formed a very competitive team.

Last year they reached the postseason with authority and in this season they have started with 6 victories and 4 defeats, but with a very solid game. The Blackhawks have only won two of their six games (2-3-1), with one of their overtime defeats.

Match Highlights

  • The Golden Knights have won six of their first ten games.
  • The Blackhawks have won just two of their first six games.
  • The Golden Knights came into the postseason last season and the Blackhawks were left out.
  • Having the ‘track factor’ against us and arriving with less rest gives us access to a very attractive quota for the Golden Knights’ victory.


Expert Prediction

The Golden Knights did not deserve such an extensive defeat last night in Philadelphia and are one step ahead of the Flyers. Despite playing, unlike their rival, two days in a row, we think they will impose their quality and take the victory today.

Betting Pick:

Money Line: Golden Knights -135

Sportsbook: JazzSports


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