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Dallas Mavericks vs. Washington Wizards Betting Prediction 10/23/2019

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The Mavericks open before the Wizards a season in which they have many expectations, or at least the hope of being able to reach the playoffs, thanks to having a great team around a Luka Doncic that was one of the sensations of last season, which was rookie of the year, and this time may be accompanied by Porzingis, who did not get to play last year by a serious injury to the first change.

The Wizards have moved a lot in the trade market but hiring a medium to form a project around Bradley Beal that does not have very high expectations. If the Mavericks’ share of the championship is very high (71 to 1), the Wizards’ odds are crazy (301 to 1).

Match Highlights

  • The Wizards have made many signings but none of the proven quality.
  • The Mavericks’ odds of the championship is 71-1.
  • The Wizards’ share of champions (301 to 1) makes it clear that they must not even reach the playoffs.


Expert Prediction

According to the data provided, we can conclude that the Dallas Mavericks will win.

Betting Pick:

Spread: Dallas Mavericks -8.5

Sportsbook: JazzSports


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