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Favorites To Win Super Bowl 54

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As expected, the first week of the NFL season is just the beginning of a period of adaptation for several teams. For example, the New Orleans Saints added five consecutive years with defeat in their presentation. Last year, Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears were heavily questioned after falling to Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers, respectively.

Whether for lack of conjunction, understanding of the game scheme, or simple nervousness, it is common to see teams that start the campaign with their left foot find their rhythm later and get into the playoffs and even the Super Bowl. So for fans of teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, and Atlanta Falcons, there is still time to improve.

Browns, Jets and Dolphins “are who we expected”

No one could sum it up better than Delanie Walker after the triumph of the Tennessee Titans over the Cleveland Browns by 43-13: “They were the ones we expected.” While the season is just beginning, with expectations in Ohio and what the team invested, the blow was particularly hard. More importantly, the offensive line was unable to protect Baker Mayfield, who ended up with a wrist injury. If they want to compete for the playoffs, they will have much to improve.

In New York, the New York Jets let out a victory against the Buffalo Bills in an incredible way. With a 16-0 lead against an opponent who had shown little and nothing in three quarters offensively, the Jets collapsed. All credit for Josh Allen and the Bills, but this is a defeat that will hurt for a while in the Big Apple.

Painful is also a way to rate the overall game of the Miami Dolphins, who fell 59-10 against the Baltimore Ravens. The most serious thing is that Baltimore withdrew the accelerator’s foot early. The teams didn’t seem to belong in the same field.

Lamar Jackson is a Power Machine

While it is true that he did not have much competition in front, Lamar Jackson was simply unstoppable for the Ravens. Jackson finished the day with 17 full passes in 20 attempts, for 324 yards and five touchdowns. Even more surprising was that he did everything without really running the ball. Before the season there were doubts about Jackson’s ability to throw the ball, but at least initially, they appear to be unfounded.

It is true that Miami is probably the worst team in the NFL, but that does not detract from the dominance of the Louisville University product over the offensive. If Lamar finds consistency in the air game, the Ravens have enough elements to get into the elite of the American Conference.

Pats and Chiefs Started Where They Stayed the Last Year

The last seasons, the New England Patriots had battled at the start of the season to get in the rhythm. This year is different. The Pats crushed the Pittsburgh Steelers by 33-3. Tom Brady worked at pleasure on the Pittsburgh defense, and that despite the absence of Antonio Brown, who will join the Patriots this week. With Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon and a good ground game at hand, the offensive seems dangerous.

But the biggest surprise was on the other side of the ball, where the defense allowed the Steelers nothing. Ben Roethlisberger has always fought against New England, but the level of ineffectiveness was extreme, and they’re just didn’t seem to be a single really free man on pass paths. Pats are serious.

As for the Chiefs, many speculated that Patrick Mahomes was battling in his second season as a starter. The sample is still very small, but at least for the moment, it seemed that these fears are unfounded. On the negative side, Kansas City lost Tyreek Hill indefinitely due to a shoulder injury. However, his absence was barely felt, as Sammy Watkins had 9 receptions for 198 yards and 3 touchdowns.

The Chiefs’ offense remains strong, but it will be the defense that defines the true possibilities of the team. The team battled at the beginning of the game against Nick Foles, and even a while before Gardner Minshew. If the defense adjusts them, this may be their year, but if not, the panorama looks very complicated.

New England Patriots+375
Kansas City Chiefs+750
New Orleans Saints+800
Philadelphia Eagles+1000
Los Angeles Rams+1200
Dallas Cowboys+1500
Green Bay Packers+1600
Los Angeles Chargers+1600
Chicago Bears+1800
Minnesota Vikings+2000
Cleveland Browns+2200
Baltimore Ravens+2500
Seattle Seahawks+2500
Pittsburgh Steelers+2600
San Francisco 49ers+3000
Houston Texans+3500
Atlanta Falcons+4000
Tennessee Titans+4500
Carolina Panthers+5000
Jacksonville Jaguars+6000
Indianapolis Colts+6600
Buffalo Bills+8000
Oakland Raiders+8000
Denver Broncos+8000
Arizona Cardinals+10000
Detroit Lions+10000
New York Giants+10000
New York Jets+10000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+10000
Washington Redskins+12500
Cincinnati Bengals+15000
Miami Dolphins+25000
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