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Favorites To Win The MLB World Series 2019

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After a long road, the World Series is ready, and it will be the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals who will face each other in a franchise duel without much success in their history. The Astros will seek their second title after being crowned two years ago, while the Nationals make their debut in the Fall Classic.

Astros With Great Balance

Pointing out the most important aspect of the Astros’ style of play is very complicated. On the one hand, we have a pitcher staff that has two aces, capable of taking control of the series. Gerrit Cole is on an impressive run with a 19-0 record on his last 25 starts. Cole looks like the best pitcher right now in the major leagues.

Behind Cole is Justin Verlander, who launched his third no-hitter, the no-run game this season, but in playoffs has struggled to settle on the hill. Verlander allowed 4 runs early in the game both in the series against the Tampa Bay Rays, as well as in Game 5 against the New Yorkers. Behind the two aces, Zack Greinke has not been found in the postseason.

In addition to good pitching, the Astros have one of the most versatile lineups in all of baseball. Jose Altuve was selected as the Most Valuable Player of the Championship Series. The Venezuelan hit two full lap sticks during the same, the second of them in the ninth inning of Game 6.

In addition to Altuve, the lineup includes George Springer and Alex Bregman. Springer, in particular, has proven to be dangerous at this point. In general, from the first to the bat until the ninth, the Texans seem to have enough depth.

On the defensive, Michael Brantley and Josh Redick showed that, despite not being among the teams with the best percentage, they can also do so if duty forces them to do so. The Astros arrive at an unbeatable moment.

The bullpen could be their biggest area of opportunity, although with Roberto Osuna, adding the role of the shooter.

Washington Pitching

If the Nationals are going to have a chance to win the World Series, they have to be opened thanks to their staff of openers. Stephen Strasburg, Max Scherzer and Patrick Corbin may make up the best playoff rotation in the major leagues. The three coils could limit both the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Saint Louis Cardinals. The U.S. capital’s may be in for a surprise if the three openers manage to stay on the hill until the end of the match.

On the offensive, Howie Kendrick’s evolution has attracted a lot of attention. Kendrick didn’t have a good update in the Championship Series, but he made a name for himself from connecting the Grand Slam of the win against the Dodgers. Victor Robles has also responded with wood.

Washington was able to return to the postseason after starting the 19-31 campaign. In addition, they were able to come back during the Championship Series and turned the joker duel around in the eighth inning. Anyone who neglects or takes things for granted is in danger against the Nationals.

Like the Astros, the bullpen is the weakest link, so we can expect many innings for Scherzer, Strasburg and Corbin. Sean Doolittle and Daniel Hudson are one of the strongest players he has to make it to the end of every game.

During the regular season, home runs were set in the Big Top. That’s why it’s been relatively rare not to see so many four-cornered posts during the postseason. Minute Maid Park favors batters, but when the series moves to Washington, it’s harder to fly the ball.

For the last two postseasons, the ball seemed to travel farther in playoffs than in the regular campaign, but this year the opposite is true. During the series of each circuit, the ball seemed to die at times, losing altitude faster than we were used to this season.

It will be interesting to see how this affects the strategy of both squads in the Fall Classic.

Houston Astros-215
Washington Nationals+175
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