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(Update) Favorites To Win The Super Bowl 54

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The first five weeks of the calendar are in the past. The last two days, in particular, have allowed measuring the scopes of some teams before important competition. So, let’s see who arrives as contenders and pretenders after the first quarter of the campaign for all teams.


New England Patriots: Bill Belichick; Tom Brady. Need we say more? True, there are problems in the offensive line, but we are confident that the old Bill will be able to solve them.

Buffalo Bills: Yes, we are willing to put the Bills at this level. The defensive demonstration this season has been impressive, including the complete control over Tom Brady last week, has been one of the biggest surprises. Josh Allen is not spectacular, but beyond the statistics, he has responded with the game on the line.

Indianapolis Colts: Indy’s defense is ready to fight for the championship. The air offensive hasn’t reached that point with Jacoby Brissett, but the ground game, with Marlon Mack, Jordan Wilkens, Nyheim Hines, and company, is able to keep them in the game every week.

Kansas City Chiefs: That’s right, rivals have found some cracks in the Chiefs’ attack, and Patrick Mahomes has taken a beating in recent weeks. However, Mahomes remains a Most Valuable Player candidate, and weapons like Sammy Watkins and Tyreek Hill will return from injuries. Not everything is said with them.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Atlanta Falcons defeat hurt, but the team has improved since then. High school still needs work, but ground play and Carson Wentz are special.

Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers and an improved defense make them contenders. There’s work to be done, but they’re there.

New Orleans Saints: The defense has raised its level and Teddy Bridgewater has been efficient in relieving Drew Brees. Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas are still at the top. This could finally be the year for New Orleans.

Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson has the level to be the Most Valuable Player. The defensive is strong and they have good ground play, something that always helps at the end of the campaign.

San Francisco 49ers: If there were doubts about their level, they were erased this Monday night. They run well and play defensively if Garoppolo is at level, they are candidates.

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Baltimore Ravens: Their offensive scheme is simply not sustainable throughout the season. They were fortunate to win against the Pittsburgh Steelers… with their third quarterback. Lamar Jackson still doesn’t scare anyone by air, and the defense is inconsistent.

Cleveland Browns: Fortunate even to be at this level. It gives the impression that for every good game, they give two below their level.

Houston Texans: For the second consecutive year, the Texans seem to have the pieces to fight for the title. However, that’s not reflected on the pitch, where Deshaun Watson continues to run for his life every week. Houston has enough talent to reach the playoffs, but there’s no reason to think they can go any further.

Tennessee Titans: One lime, two sand. The offensive simply hasn’t been consistent, and Cairo Santos was a disaster this Sunday. They’re still in the playoff fight, but if they don’t score more points regularly, they won’t be a factor.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Gardner Minshew has returned the excitement to Jacksonville, and the offensive is on the right track. The defensive, however, has taken a step back, and Jalen Ramsey’s discontent threatens to break the unit even further.

Oakland Raiders: The mere fact of being on this list is already an achievement for the black and silver. The last two weeks have looked very good in front of contenders, but they still seem a year away from really contending. For now, they are a very uncomfortable rival that is on the rise.

Los Angeles Chargers: Just on this list, Los Angeles just seems like a team to stay at the top during the season. The injuries have hit them, but there’s too much talent to take a that bad step.

Dallas Cowboys: It’s been a hard blow to the reality of what the Cowboys have been through the last two weeks. The defense continues to deliver, but the attack is still far from the elite. They depend too much on a couple of players.

Chicago Bears: The defense has shown on several occasions that despite its solidity, it tends to break at key moments. Neither Chase Daniel nor Mitchell Trubisky is reliable at the controls at this point.

Minnesota Vikings: We saw good Kirk Cousins this week… but against a team that is not a contender. As long as Cousins doesn’t show that level against a title candidate, they’re still pretenders.

Detroit Lions: The jury still deliberates with them, but it seems like the typical team that can’t close the games. They’re a pleasant surprise, but they seem a year away from fighting for the title.

New England Patriots+300
Kansas City Chiefs+600
New Orleans Saints+800
Green Bay Packers+1200
Philadelphia Eagles+1200
Los Angeles Rams+1600
Dallas Cowboys+1600
San Francisco 49ers+1600
Baltimore Ravens+2200
Seattle Seahawks+2200
Chicago Bears+2500
Minnesota Vikings+2500
Houston Texas+2800
Cleveland Browns+3000
Carolina Panthers+3300
Indianapolis Colts+3300
Buffalo Bills+3300
Los Angeles Chargers+4000
Tennessee Titans+6600
Jacksonville Jaguars+6600
Detroit Lions+6600
Oakland Raiders+8000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+8000
Pittsburgh Steelers+10000
New York Giants+10000
Atlanta Falcons+12500
Denver Broncos+15000
New York Jets+50000
Arizona Cardinals+50000
Cincinnati Bengals+100000
Washington Redskins+100000
Miami Dolphins+200000
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