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Favorites To Win the World Series 2019

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Very close to the start of the playoffs, the real contestants begin to raise their hands and separate from the rest. That is precisely what has happened recently with the Houston Astros, who suddenly look like a very complicated team in the American League. With pitching, batting and a good defense, the Texans seem in a good position. The competition with the New York Yankees is indeed closed, but they look phenomenal.

On the other hand, we will review the playoff races in both leagues, where some teams start to separate, or at least show greater confidence towards the postseason.

Texan Power

For health reasons or for not necessarily being in rhythm, the Astros had not seen themselves as one of the best teams in the Major Leagues. With seven wins in eight games and five in a row, they could be reaching their best point and at an unbeatable moment. This Monday, the offensive hit seven home runs, while Zack Greinke threw bleached six innings in which he prescribed five chocolates.

In a lineup that already includes names like Carlos Correa, José Altuve, Yuli Gurriel, George Springer and Alex Bregman, Kyle Tucker could be the new name to follow. Tucker already debuted with the Major League club and could take the place of Josh Reddick, who has not fully met expectations. The rookie has 34 home runs and 30 stolen bases with the Triple-A branch of Round Rock.

With the Yankees stepping on the accelerator, the race for the best brand in the American League is red hot, but at least we see the Astros arrive in good shape.

Tied Divisions

In general, divisional careers seem doomed. In the Young Circuit, Astros, Yankees and Minnesota Twins seem to have tied the flags of their sectors, with 10.5, 9 and 5 games of difference, respectively.

In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves have comfortable advantages, with 17.5 and 9.5 games ahead in their respective divisions. In the Central Division, the Saint Louis Cardinals have finally opened a gap about the rest of the sector and now enjoy four mattress sets. Generally speaking, the divisions give little for the drama.

A Complicate Wild Card

Where the action promises to be interesting is among the teams looking for a position as a wild card. In the American League, there are currently two tickets for three teams. The Tampa Bay Rays are the ones with the biggest mattress, with 1.5 games ahead of the Cleveland Indians and Oakland Athletics. The three teams have shown arguments to be able to fight even in the next round, before the elite of the League.

In the National League, the picture is even more complicated. At this time, the Washington Nationals have the first wild card with 2.5 games ahead of the Chicago Cubs, second in that fight and creditors to the last wild card for now. Behind Chicago everything is chaos. The Milwaukee Brewers are two games from Chicago, the Arizona Diamondbacks at 2.5, Philadelphia Phillies at 3 and the New York Mets at 4. From now on, each game will have an important weight.

With so many teams in the fight, each club will have to pay attention to their ranking and the wins necessary to keep the postseason place.

Goodbye champions?

From the beginning, this has not been the season that the Boston Red Sox monarchs had in mind. Injuries, inconsistency in the rotation of openers and a bullpen that simply never found its rhythm condemned the Red Sox to vacate the title. But that was not all. On Sunday, David Dombrowski’s departure was announced as club president. It is clear that the team did not meet expectations this season, but Dombrowski’s dismissal may point to deeper structural situations.

The Red Sox are 8 games from the last wild card after falling in the last two duels of the series against the Yankees. The Boston lineup still has young players who belong to the elite of the League, and the rotation can be competitive, but Dombrowski’s big fault was not fixing the bullpen. During the playoffs in 2018, the unit picked up, but it is clear that it was a thing of the moment and not something definitive.

Houston Astros+250
Los Angeles Dodgers+275
New York Yankees+375
Atlanta Braves+800
Saint Louis Cardinals+1200
Minnesota Twins+1600
Washington Nationals+1600
Chicago Cubs+2200
Oakland Athletics+2500
Tampa Bay Rays+3000
Cleveland Indians+3500
Philadelphia Phillies+4000
Arizona Diamondbacks+4500
Milwaukee Brewers+5000
New York Mets+5000
Boston Red Sox+7000
San Francisco Giants+25000
Cincinnati Reds+75000
San Diego Padres+100000
Colorado Rockies+250000
Texas Rangers+250000
Chicago White Sox+400000
Los Angeles Angels+400000
Pittsburgh Pirates+400000
Baltimore Orioles+400000
Seattle Mariners+400000
Toronto Blue Jays+400000
Detroit Tigers+400000
Kansas City Royals+400000
Miami Marlins+400000
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