Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots Betting Prediction 9/15/2019 |

Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots Betting Prediction 9/15/2019

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The New England Patriots started the season by being a steamroller against one of their most historic rivals. On the other hand, the Miami Dolphins were beaten by a Baltimore team that does not have an offensive arsenal to cause so much damage.

Historically, Miami has been a tough visit for the Pats and it is the small doubt that generates the duel of week 2 of the NFL between these two rivals of the East AFC.

Miami Dolphins Sports Betting Analysis

The Dolphins lost 10-59 at home to the Ravens. Miami was very defensively exposed and lackluster in its offense. It was a very dark afternoon for some Dolphins that are known to have a bad season, but this score is more than alarming.

Ryan Fitzpatrick started as starting quarterback and threw for 185 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. Josh Rosen finished the match and only completed one of three passes for five yards only. Miami was quite sad.

No offensive player was showy, the most impetuous was DeVante Parker with 75 aerial yards. The Kenyan Drake runner achieved only 12 yards, which demonstrates the little offensive momentum Miami had.

As for their defense, they achieved a capture and 77 total tackles. They failed to divert a single pass or bill any interception. Their defensive line was very vulnerable and their secondary was lost, they were easily trampled and, to some extent, the players did not feel like playing anymore.

The Dolphins crisis increases with reports that after the defeat, many players will seek to leave the team.

New England Patriots Sports Betting Analysis

The Pats won their first Sunday Night Football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at home, 33-3. The Pats were polished, ordered, with options, confidence and desire to repeat the ring.

They were exceedingly superior on both sides. On offense, Tom Brady threw for 341 yards and three scores, did what he wanted. The ground attack was once again highly effective among his three runners Sony Michel, James White and Rex Burkhead, who combined for 84 yards. However, White and Burkhead had 97 aerial yards between the two leaving from the backfield.

Receivers had a party with Pittsburgh. Phillip Dorsett had 95 yards, two scores in four receptions, it was a nightmare. Julian Edelman contributed six receptions for 83 yards and Josh Gordon, in three receptions, accumulated 73 yards. It was a walk in the park.

If this is added that the elite receiver, Antonio Brown, will be active next week, the Pats offensive will be able to produce yards at pleasure the rest of the season, especially against a defense as vulnerable as Miami.

Dolphins vs Patriots Expert Prediction

The Patriots are the champions and have great aspirations after their great start. The Dolphins usually complicate New England’s life when they receive them in Miami, but the difference in talent is absurd and abysmal, there will be no miracles this time.

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