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Sportsbetting ag is one of the most popular online betting sites available these days. The site is not new—it’s nearing its twentieth birthday—but has undergone new changes in recent times to keep up with changing demand in the market. This review will examine the advantages, drawbacks, pros, and cons the site offers to players both new and old.

SportsBetting AG Rating

SportsBetting AG Pros

One of the fastest paying and largest sportsbooks online.
Large Sign-Up Bonus and Reload Bonuses.
Excellent for recreational and professional bettors.
Early odds for most events.

SportsBetting AG Cons

Their support staff has received plenty of complaints.
Night limits too small.

About SportsBetting Ag

Sportsbetting ag is a sister site of the massively popular BetOnline sportsbook. A single player can open accounts on both sites and receive bonuses without any issue. Both sites are known for big bonus payouts, quick payments, and a vibrant online community.

Sportsbetting ag is run by highly experienced odds makers. The original company the site belongs to is called Best Line Sports, which was founded in 2001. The site was originally called but later became after online sports betting became illegal in the United States. The site remains one of the last resorts for American players to wage sports bets digitally without running into legal trouble.

SportsBetting AG Rating


BET NOW shared many of its staff with BetOnline. Both sites are based in Panama City, Panama, where online sports betting is legal. American citizens can place bets on the sites without any problem. The site accepts residents of all 50 states.

Betting on sports is not the only activity the site allows. Users can also gamble at the live casino, play online poker, and check out a digital racebook on the site.


No gambling site is perfect and is no exception. One major drawback is the betting limits. The early odds are great, but you will be limited to placing low bets in the range of a few hundred dollars. This is not ideal for seasonal bettors or those seeking major jackpots. Another issue is the cashiers, who are speedy but are also quite expensive. The site offers free withdrawals each month, but the requests must be placed on a Friday, which is a disappointing drawback.

One of the most recurring complaints the site receives is with regard to customer support. As mentioned above, customer support has improved over the years, but the staff remains in need of training. Customers complain that the staff is uninformed and doesn’t provide straight answers. The problem, however, hasn’t affected payouts. is considered a largely risk-free site. But the site owners did have a major incident back in 2011 when the company management attempted to take $65,000 off a poker player who was accused of cheating. It was later discovered that the company’s allegations were false and made without any real proof. The player was cleared at the end. But the episode proved to be a stain on the site’s stellar reputation up until that point.

Accepted Payment Methods accepts a number of payment and withdrawal methods. You can pay using online payment methods like Skrill and Neteller. Americans won’t be able to use credit cards on the site but can pay using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. The site accepts bank wires, money orders, and cashier’s checks. You can pay anonymously and discreetly without an issue.

At this point, we want to mention that using Bitcoin as a method of withdrawing money is one of the best options since you will not have to pay a withdrawal fee and all transactions are anonymous so as to increase your security.

SportsBetting.Ag Sportsbook Bonuses is known for giving out generous bonuses. New players can get a whopping 75% welcome bonus for spending up to $1,000. The site pays bonuses in the form of free play wagers. You can expect a rollover rate of over 12 times, which is one of the largest for online sportsbooks. There are also additional bonuses such as lifetime withdrawals and for using Bitcoins.

SportsBetting Ag Sportsbook Betting Tip

SportsBetting.Ag provides early odds it will let you bet early before of the big markets reacts in that way bettors can take advantage of the market. Please be sure to use the correct bonus code to get a 75% free play up to $1,000.

SportsBetting.Ag Highlights

Like any other sportsbook, we recommend reading the SportsBetting.Ag wager policies as well as country restrictions, this way you will avoid having problems when betting or withdrawing money. We highly recommend using Bitcoin to expedite payout.

Customer Support

  • 1-888-426-3661

Customers can receive customer support via email inquiry, by phone, and by live chat. 24/7 customer support is available. While the support infrastructure is there, many customers have been complaining about issues like agents conversing in broken English. Employees seem to be in the dark about betting procedures, rules, and company policies, so it’s really difficult to get a straight answer to most questions. really needs to improve the quality of customer support. This aspect doesn’t affect placing bets, however.


If you are a North American sports bettor, is one of the best sites on which to try your luck. The site boasts one of the best sportsbooks around, and there are many sports options available to place bets. The site is great about posting early odds, much earlier than most other sites.

There are also some things that are less desirable about the site, such as minimum wager limits. Customer support is in need of drastic improvement. But most of these cons are surpassed by conveniences like Bitcoin payments, and also massive bonuses on wagers and deposits. Recreational bettors will particularly like this site. All in all, is hands down one of the best betting sites available today.

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